Delhi Earthquake

Rise of Delhi NCR Earthquakes

Delhi NCR Earthquakes are rising day by day. Delhi has not experienced such a trail of minor Earthquakes and tremors before. As a result the people staying in or near the National Capital Region (NCR) are worried. Adding on the scientists claimed these Earthquake are no usual and they can rise over time.

NCR experienced 15 Earthquakes and tremors so far. Delhi Earthquakes started from April 12, 2020. The highest noted Earthquake in NCR was on 29th May in Rohtak (Haryana) of a magnitude of 4.5 Richter scale.

NCR Earthquakes Graph


On one hand some experts believe that these small Earthquakes may reduce the chances of a bigger Earthquake. On the other hand some experts these small scale Earthquakes are the signs for the upcoming Earthquake which might be big. The Earthquake might hit the NCR Region with a Richter scale of 6.8.

Earthquakes are taking place one after another. As of now there is no such explanation regarding the repeated Earthquakes.

As a result too much panic is created. Therefore it is advised to keep emergency kit with important documents, some food along with water near the exit in case of any emergency or disaster. Adding on, it is essential to take cover under a hard and strong bed or table for protection during an Earthquake.

University of Delhi Professor R.B. Singh said that about 90 percent of earthquakes are caused due to the movement of tectonic plates.

“It is not unusual for the Delhi-NCR region to experience tremors. Delhi-NCR region is vulnerable to the occurrence of Earthquakes

Dr Kalachand Sain

According to Dr. Sain, NCR region has experienced strain energy into the subsurface and this energy is getting accumulated. As a result making Delhi Vulnerable to Earthquakes. Adding on he says that a bigger Earthquake in future can create an alarming situation in Delhi NCR region.

Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court in view of the rising Earthquakes asked the AAP government and civil Authorities to share and action plan in the event of major Earthquake. Adding on the Court asked the Authorities to start awareness drives. These drives will focus on the safety measures during a major Tremor.

Bureau of Indian Standards set guidelines to ensure earthquake resistant construction. However it is believed that many buildings and houses are violating the BIS norms in Delhi Ncr region. This can give rise to a number of issues in case of a bigger Earthquake.

Some Key Factors

Some Key Factors which can effect the affect of Earthquake in NCR region are

Time of Earthquake/ Duration of the Earthquake
Construction/ Infrastructure
Scale of the Earthquake
Evacuation Preparedness

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